Week 10: 18/04-24/04

During this week, it was more LO’s sheet and blogging (finally in clean) all the weeks until now. And that include correct some by editing or making extra posts to complete that. On the other hand, I had to talk more about the changes done on the obstacle course project, and when I did the video format to showing it on the class, I find out that it was huuuge. To solve this I thought about asking how to made a gif for it, in anyway a gif is thousands of times smaller and it could be post in anywhere.

After finding out that the recommendation tool wasn’t working as expecting, I did a small research and found the perfect tool solution for this and it was on “ScreenGif” with this tool is possible to create gif from what we are seeing on the screen, don’t need anything else. With that I could finally edited my post from last week and show the differences among the process until for the Obstacle project.

Also, for that project, I did a few small modifications, that those would probably rather post in the next week post rather that here as soon I get comfort with and I get a new feedback on it during class.



Week 9: 11/04-17/04

As part of the obstacle course, I did some research to have a better idea of the movements of my character the “Catwoman” and helping me to choose the course I’ll working on it before I actually do the work on Maya. And as part of it, I decided to use this project to also the cross-discipline project that will help to fill my LO’s sheet. In the end I decided to go with the second option and I did find a student from the Audio discipline to help me adding the correct audio for the obstacle.

The references, I use most:


Also in this week after the first class on the week and getting some feedback from what were the key positions for the whole course, I was suggested to change one of the walking bits on the animation and I changed the first part walking to a cartwheel. I had to used a reference for that. (https://youtu.be/8EVgoKJbMkM-more from 1:44 to 1:48). Once I did those changes I communicate with the Audio student via email and slack and show him the references, that also I believe could help as a audio reference specially because I did like the audio used on those, and a video as animatic to start working on the audio for my animation.


Week 8: 04/04-10/04

A new project were introduce, a personal project, the “Obstacle course” project has started. For this project its necessary to animate a specific character in a 2D animation or 3D version of it, rather using flash or Maya. In the 3D version was possible do it using the Char Norman mesh character design. I decided to work in 3D with “Catwoman” and I did my thumbnails draft drawings as a reference for the key positions.

On the other hand, I though on work on a personal project as something else/extra. That consisted on design another original character and model it to finally do a small walk cycle. Doing that, I consider to improve a least a bit more on my drawing skills and why not some extra modelling skills but all in 3D max that I know for longer, rather than Maya, that we are just learning specially for the project of the obstacle course. So, I did some draft designs for it.

Original Character-draft design


Camera Test (week 5/6)

The camera test was already mentioned in those weeks but never actually discuss as it was expected. To do it we were instructed to learn about in one lesson, the basic functions of a camera, a modern sophisticated camera. We learn about the different functions/modes that it has such as the  white balance (WB), ISO (the audio indicator or shutter speed), aperture, and image quality.  How to change the amount of it depending of what kind of photo as result you want. Also, we worked in couples during the lesson, helping at each other and treating in the correct way those cameras.

All of that happen in just one day, during the week 5 while an actual test in small groups of 4 but working individually to probe how we had learned the lesson and understand how the cameras works, to the point that if it was necessary to use them later on, we could request them without any problem. Now, that all of us had passed the test, we can borrow those cameras if we required them.

Week 7: 28/3-03/04

Graduation day (for the “Diploma of screen and media (Animation)”) on the view and less time to finish the model of the Character, my goals from last week was to work on that during the weekend (26-27) but for personal matters I could do cero of that, and long days and short night started. First week where I actually worked more than 27 hours for week or it was the actually 27?? I don’t know, I lost the count. I was only sure how many hours I slept until the presentation before leaving early to the graduation of the diploma for last year. Nice ceremony, by the way.

Well, the original character design project based on “Steven Universe” end well, we also had the KPI meetings, and now I know I should say what was going on and what was wrong. Talking about the original character project, I will just say that it was a challenge from the beginning, if I didn’t say it before, I will say it again. It was a challenge, never it’s easy to draw out of your own style, but it’s a bit more when you don’t have a special style or know about it.

After many hours in the end the result was better than I expect, I wasn’t comfortable by modeling the character that still until now without a proper name; just known as: “Blue Obsidian”, but now, I like the result I got, it’s the first time that I actually modelling something complicate as a character. For that I will shared the final model: *https://sketchfab.com/models/c8295f5f2dc74fbc876e65ba7d31d72b

Blue Obsidian (final version-3D model)Blue Obsidian (final version-3D model-side view)

Blue Obsidian (reden UVs-ws)

And the texture used for the model, to create the texture I used just one UV map and it was done in a drawing program known as “Autodesk sketchbook” with a render of the UV map that I had save and edit on that program, painting the correct colours according to the pieces of the UV map create while unwrapping the model created on 3D Max. Also, when I was doing the texture, and applying to the model, I had to correct the face and part of the hair because it was missing a line of the unwrapping texture in the model, that means that it was missing a edge that it wasn’t affecting the design of the result.

Week 6: 21/03-27/03

And the presentation arrived, we finish or I should say they finish the project. I had done all my assets in time and giving feedback to the group and also offer my help to do the last power point as part of the last presentation, the main one.

But as it was happening from the beginning I never get any feedback or comments, also didn’t know, how they were communicating with the audio students to get the last audio version for our project. I know, thanks to the slack, that we did receive some audio, a few times, I always like all the versions, though I know it was something odd with the first versions of those audios, but wasn’t sure what it was, anyway, the last version was perfect for it.

As much I wished to do more, I couldn’t do more except that participate in the discussion for the power point and the main points to talk in the presentation, all via slack. In summary in this project slack was a great tool for communication, although it would work better if the group wasn’t “divided” as it was and not just in two (studio 1 and 2) but in 3 (studio 1, 2 and audio). Studio 2 students were the ones who apart of being the leaders, they… well, were they one to do it all, specially the whole animation on after effect and premier.

Well, they did consider used the fireworks and fire effects from the other studio 1 student, but not any of my assets I did for the whole project. Also, I did ask one and another time to more assts, never get another reply than later via slack. I know I should ask and again again via slack, but after seeing how bad they act under pressure, I always thought it was a bad idea. Anyway, at least I did a colour version of the pirate ship to actually find out that they already had one, and I did not see that coming…

Anyway, after that presentation the project was over, and it would probably mean also no more relationship with them.

Link to the final video: *http://lariasrhor.tumblr.com/post/142848901101

Ship (ws-c)

On the other hand, for the second project it was time to focus on finally modelling, action that I should started long ago, at least I did have the turn around sheet ready to go, and I never colour it complete.

Blue Obsidian (turn around sheet)-ws

And in this week was also the actual Camera test, for a moment I thought I was going to fail, but I should listen more my friends and be more sure that something like that cannot be fail. It was not difficult and not a reason to fail.