During the break

I did proposed to myself try to draw at least a drawing every day…
well, didn’t do it as I expected… some drawings… to view more see my DeviantArt page: *http://lariasrhor.deviantart.com/


Week 13: 09/05-15/05

Last week and the feeling of holidays is here. I wasn’t going to made an entry for this week when is over, but oh well here it is. In this week it was just for presentation, and exhibition. So everyone were so busy working in their showreels and/or presentation. Some weren’t creating any presentation just go through their blogs others prepare just a small PP or whatever. I have just to say that when I wasn’t sure what to say or what to show, I did well, the reflection presentation went well as well as the exhibition.

Full video on youtube: *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF_m5G0oJCg

Week 12: 02/05-08/05

Last week for the Obstacle course project, last time for feedback, correct and render the actual animation. In my case, it also a cross discipline project. I was working with a student from audio discipline to add the audio in the animation. I did communicate with him via slack and email, when it was looking that I wasn’t getting any audio, in the end I did get the audio (see the link in the end for a small video with audio).

Also, the process of rendering and have the video with audio of the last version of it. its done in parts, first it’s necessary have a camera in the scene to render from maya as sequence of images, to convert into a small size of video with the correct quality in after effects to finally that file goes into premier to add the audio Or also it could just be import the render sequence of images into premier to add the audio and create the video in just one step less. So, the sequence of images in one image:

Obstacle_CourseV2_Catwoman_30_preview (render-ws)

And the link to the final version video with audio: *http://lariasrhor.tumblr.com/post/143889213796/audio-by-rafael-pereira-animation-by-lizzet


Digital Compositing

Digital compositing involves integrating a variety of images sources into a cohesive final image or image sequence. That’s possible in programs like after effects, where depends of the result that you are looking for, dedication and time that is involve to gets those result.

For example in a very fast compositing is possible to create a small animation of a rocket moving to Mars at the same time a few asteroids rotating while why not playing with the opacity of mars. To do it, it’s just necessary a few images, that have to be import into and the just add the effects.

In this case, each asteroid is rotating while the opacity of mars goes from 100% to less and then the rocket no only rotate but moves. It’s a very simple example of what is possible to do. In the same way is possible to create just a cohesive image, where if we do that in that case it will be the other options of effects available in the program rather than the already used.

After Effects-Compositing-Example

Week 11: 25/04-01/05

And last week to work on projects, the obstacle course is due next week, and it’s almost done. Unfortunately doesn’t matter how many ways I tried to communicate with the audio student, still no reply or probe that he is working on the audio for this project, that’s sad. I really wanted to add some audio to the very short animation of Catwoman crossing the course.

Now, how does she (Catwoman) cross this obstacle course?, well it’s simple. First she anticipates her actions before doing a cartwheel to cross the first obstacle, the plank, then she climbs, made a small squash before jump to then with a small hop a walk before squash into a “Cat” position to jump, jump and climb the wall with her cat-movements to get the top of the wall and made a last jump, with squashing, stretching to finally made a flip in an arc to arrived nicely on the other side of this obstacle course.

And of course, always considering all the possibility of actions that the character of Catwoman can do, considering her abilities and her cat-movements that characterize her and no over do or do others actions that doesn’t match her abilities.


On the other hand, I was forgetting about my personal project. As far I go, it just a draft of the final version of my original character.

Original Character-version 1-draft