Week 1: 30/05-05/06

A new semester had started. Now, it’s studio 2 and when everything was looking very similar to last semester, well we got some surprises. First, it won’t be a rapid project but we still need to work with studio 1 in the aftermath project.

New groups were assigned and in my group we are 4 from studio 2 and 2 from studio 1. We are making (or the idea to be pitch next week) is “Olympus Aftermath” I really like it, as well of the idea of aftermath party…

I have a great feeling that this project is going to be a complete success. For the moment, everyone is making different concepts for it. Also, we are organising everything that is necessary to make it a complete success.

On the other hand the other projects as well the specialization projects were introduced during the week, what got my attention was the animation one and bit of effects. I have a feeling that I will be working on the body animation specialization rather than the one for games movements or maybe one of each, right now, who knows.

Also during this week, we were recommended to create accounts on Pinterest, account that I had already since last year, but also create an account on ArtStation and I did open one account there, for the moment is a bit empty, but it’s going to grow up as well as my art/animation skills.