Week 6: 04/07-10/07

Aftermath project presentation week, with all the assets ready to go since the last week, it wasn’t much that I can do, but we were all together working together sharing points of view and everything to have the project finish in time for the presentation, we were working in polishing the layout, giving solutions for whatever need to be fix before it turns to be a one man job.
Because it wasn’t necessary all of our heads to finish the lights or triggers or effects on it. We did planned how to finish it decided how it’s going to be done by the time of the presentation.

After that was all set, for me it was not more to do, I had done all the required tasks assigned for me and a bit more. So, it was the time to focus on my cross discipline project. For that reason I spent most of my time working on those assets. I started with the calm door, unwrapped and texture it to then do the main bed (the big one).

For the clam door with just the colour for it as reference, I decided to do model a simple door based of a reference for the sad sad but without the cracks or anything that indicates sadness that it could basically add on the texture. Anyway, I did the door following the scale sizes in cm as we agreed.

For the beds, I did started in a similar way as for the door but without any reference I have to be create and I used my own bed size for the size of the bed and made it a bit bigger or better say, bigger enough to be the main bed as I was required to do, a parents bed.

And of course for the small bed as I said before I duplicate it and then edited it to have the correct small size as they had required.

In general, making those assets were a bit of fun with logic. Agreeing that the assets were going to be in cm, help me to have an idea of how big they want their assets considering the fact that the size have to be a real life size.

So, in conclusion I did a calm door with a frame and for that I did 2 textures, 2 beds with their respective frames and also 2 textures, though one of them doesn’t look complicate, it fix perfectly to the assets because of the well done unwrap process.

Once I was done, I was going to ask if someone need to help or it was something else I can do, but because I was tired of working with it and rushing with the time, I didn’t ask. Days later I saw everyone had done their assets in time for the game project. Although, I did finish my assets unwrapped by the day of their presentation and their textures on one day after, without a problem because the games students said it was alright.


Week 5: 27/06-03/07

A very busy week was this week, unwrapping and texturing everything that I had done and more. Starting with the models that I did, I did 2 intact vases and 2 fruits, well 2 and an haft fruits. Although, my vases weren’t used in the final project, doesn’t mean that I didn’t do the textures for those in the classic way and trying those textures on. Through that I learn from the mistakes I made specially in the first intact vase where the unwrap UV map render wasn’t as clear as I thought.

While with the second intact vase the unwrap UV map, was more clear and it got a better result with it. The result is as the expected.

And while with the fruits that I did, I did grapes and pomegranate complete and I was going to a strawberry, but one team member take it over for me so, I did texture in the traditional way. All my textures were done in the traditional way, considering that we agreed that all the small props were going to be in that way and the big ones with special texture on it, it will be done with Quixel Suite, a program that I don’t know how to use, yet. One day, I should learn it properly because it gave better textures to the assets and give it better presentation to those and well it seems to be more quickly.

The grapes were unwrapped in a very simple way, and the result was the expected.

The pomegranate was unwrapped in a tricky way but in the end the result was what it was required for the project.

And while I did the texture for a strawberry, in the end it was texture with Quixel Suite too. I guess in a next time I should ask if that was a good texture or not. Considering that when I did this texture, I did it guessing how it was going to look because the 3D model for it wasn’t update with the unwrap version of it. And I have to work with just the unwrap map update on the drive.Scene_Asset_Strawberry_Unwrap.1

Also in a general aspect for the aftermath project, our team had done almost everything, all the other main assets were done with textures, the extra assets also were done. The triggers were more than tested and almost complete. The light in the environment were in progress, and that include the general layout for our environment.

On the other hand, for my cross discipline project just on the Tuesday afternoon we did have an online meeting and with that was decided what and how we were communicating with the games student that we are working with, I was assigned to do 3 more 3D assets, though basically were just 2, because I have to do 2 beds, one bigger than the other one; to do that I just need one and then duplicate and change the size of it. And the other asset was to do the calm door.

Because they are requesting low poly assets and low texture I decided that I was going to do it in a traditional way with probably just free and legal textures images that I can use in for those assets. Also the games students gave us their references for the assets they need for their game, though for my assets were too much references, I knew I could do those because are item that we see day by day.

Week 4: 20/06-26/06

One thing that nobody plan is getting sick, though I did get sick after the class during this week, I worked on the fruits and polishing my vases. I did used a small tutorial to start over with one of the vases, after I ruined. Although, I didn’t do too much damaged or I thought so, I didn’t want to risk it.

On the other hand, the general process of our project was going well, in schedule, the triggers prototypes were almost all done, we were missing just one and that was good news for our group. Also all the assets were or are almost finish and in a polishing state.

We were getting ready to start unwrapping, if someone didn’t already unwrapped their models or have a very rush idea of how to unwrap them properly, to then start texturing to finally replace the unreal elements with the actual assets.

On other side, I went to the games pitching projects and sign my name for a cross-discipline project where they were asking for 3D assets; for the moment they weren’t sure of exactly how many assets they need, but one thing they were sure is that they will need at least two more people to do all the necessary assets and for that reason they went to pitch again in our classroom where they get more animators working on their project than what they expected.

Week 3: 13/06-19/06

During this week, we had finish the project plan, had schedule (or an idea) of when all the assets should be done and with the help of an assets lists we were deciding who is doing what depending of our abilities, I was assigned to do 2 intact vases and 3 fruits (grapes, strawberry and pomegranate). we also evaluated with assets are essentials and which ones can be put under out of scope.

The plan was molding everything or almost all in this week, week 4 for unwrapping process and week 5 for texture process. while studio 1 students who are in charge of working on unreal and do the triggers.

In general, we did have task assigned for each one of us, realised a list of assets, and plan ahead what we should do every week to be in scope and keep the schedule. Every thing concept related was done, including the references for all the 3D assets in the list. And the art bible, was done too, if that was an concept that it wasn’t there ,it would be on the drive as well possible on the slack channel, as a team our communication wasn’t bad but wasn’t perfect, it was good enough to process with the project.

Where the 2 vases still need to be polished and still missing 2 fruits.

Week 2: 06/06-12/06

During this week was the pitching for our project, having a good idea of what it’s our proposal as well as we discussed last week, we were sure it will be approval without a problem. it was necessary to pitched it two times, one was to pitch the general idea and then to explain the story behind, thing that we really didn’t have that much clear as we did think we did.
After we pitched, the first time we felt ready to go, or at least I did, I thought that was the case, until the second time come in and we noticed that an actually story behind it wasn’t there, and that leave us with a bad feeling, it was that the complete environment had changed from happiness to not sadness but similar.

we try to communicated what was the idea again, trying to convince us that it was great, though we knew that it wasn’t, we had to accepted the fact that wasn’t as well pitch as we thought, and started thinking how to improved though after that pitch; after a moment, we noticed that we weren’t that far away of having a good story behind, it wasn’t all lost. We decided that it will change a bit, but not totally and that will cover the missing points from our original pitch.

We did discuss what are the missing points, how to fix it and we did all the necessary to finish (or almost) our art bible and project plan (that it was actually almost done since week 1). We did check everything else via slack and using the drive to save all the changes that we had done as well of the process, that for the moment was more concepts before we actually start modelling the 3D assets necessary for the project.

On the other hand to understand better our concepts and perspectives in our general design of the project as the general map, of it we did an exercise of value colour in scale of gray.

Value_Thumbnail_Template_Student1Where I wasn’t sure of what I have to do.