Week 2: 06/06-12/06

During this week was the pitching for our project, having a good idea of what it’s our proposal as well as we discussed last week, we were sure it will be approval without a problem. it was necessary to pitched it two times, one was to pitch the general idea and then to explain the story behind, thing that we really didn’t have that much clear as we did think we did.
After we pitched, the first time we felt ready to go, or at least I did, I thought that was the case, until the second time come in and we noticed that an actually story behind it wasn’t there, and that leave us with a bad feeling, it was that the complete environment had changed from happiness to not sadness but similar.

we try to communicated what was the idea again, trying to convince us that it was great, though we knew that it wasn’t, we had to accepted the fact that wasn’t as well pitch as we thought, and started thinking how to improved though after that pitch; after a moment, we noticed that we weren’t that far away of having a good story behind, it wasn’t all lost. We decided that it will change a bit, but not totally and that will cover the missing points from our original pitch.

We did discuss what are the missing points, how to fix it and we did all the necessary to finish (or almost) our art bible and project plan (that it was actually almost done since week 1). We did check everything else via slack and using the drive to save all the changes that we had done as well of the process, that for the moment was more concepts before we actually start modelling the 3D assets necessary for the project.

On the other hand to understand better our concepts and perspectives in our general design of the project as the general map, of it we did an exercise of value colour in scale of gray.

Value_Thumbnail_Template_Student1Where I wasn’t sure of what I have to do.