Week 3: 13/06-19/06

During this week, we had finish the project plan, had schedule (or an idea) of when all the assets should be done and with the help of an assets lists we were deciding who is doing what depending of our abilities, I was assigned to do 2 intact vases and 3 fruits (grapes, strawberry and pomegranate). we also evaluated with assets are essentials and which ones can be put under out of scope.

The plan was molding everything or almost all in this week, week 4 for unwrapping process and week 5 for texture process. while studio 1 students who are in charge of working on unreal and do the triggers.

In general, we did have task assigned for each one of us, realised a list of assets, and plan ahead what we should do every week to be in scope and keep the schedule. Every thing concept related was done, including the references for all the 3D assets in the list. And the art bible, was done too, if that was an concept that it wasn’t there ,it would be on the drive as well possible on the slack channel, as a team our communication wasn’t bad but wasn’t perfect, it was good enough to process with the project.

Where the 2 vases still need to be polished and still missing 2 fruits.