keep talking in a similar way as in: https://lariasrhor.wordpress.com/2016/09/01/extra/

There is also necessary to made a research on workflow for a 3D animation. After a while I did find an article that example in a few steps how to animate. (Article: http://www.creativebloq.com/animation/animate-pixar-pro-9134381) and after Ihad analizaded, I thought about how do I do my work. And I get to the conclusion that obviously I was doing different. I did a small research to look after references for the positions that I knew that I was going to do as soon as I decided what story it was going to do.

I did a very rush thumbnails with the storyboard of what did I had in mind, then I did jump steps and when to created the main key frames, in that way I did have an idea of the time, normally timing is a very important step, and I couldn’t just skip it.

Anyway, maybe that article had different way to explain it, but basically that’s what every animator does, so about if I did adopt some of it, I believe I did and even really realized until well I did finish my project.

Animation Staging as what it is, I’ll just quote what it summary in avideo: “Staging is the presentation of any idea so that is completely and unmistakable clear”; It could be apply to acting, timing, camera angle and position, and setting.

I’m mentioning this because as part of my main project, the pantomime one, it;s a very important principle of animation to take in mind. As for example for the first one, was important that the act, timing, the camera position and setting were well define to gave a clear message of what was happening as showing how the character lost their balloon, and then run to finally catch it to have as result that balloon pops and ends with the character with a sad position that had to be clear. And of course all was also done by a storyboard that I created before to have the clear idea.

Lighting, although I wasn’t in charge of that in any of the projects talk about in a small research never is more. Well, what it was found it’s an article about (http://blog.animationmentor.com/lighting-and-color-in-animation-films/) and that remaind me what we did here where we were working in a gray scale, but now I now that it’s a good way to not only have an idea of the perpestiva relate with deep and distance but also about the amount of litghting necessary to be realise on the scenes.

And there it’s what it can be appreciated as the correct proportion of lighting as part of that project.



After all, there would be always some points that could be discussed in a little more further way than the how those topics have been touched until now.

Making research and implement it properly have been there since the beginning, in each project, it always need to do some even if it just used as remainder or as reference for something.

As for example, when we were doing the aftermath project, and it was necessary to know about methods for modeling good topology, or well modelling good assets? I will just say so. As a result of a fast research, I did find a site with basic 3D modeling terminology (http://blog.digitaltutors.com/basic-3d-modeling-terminology/) because it’s important to understand well enough to all the terms that will be used while modeling those assets that were used in the project. And then I did focus on find information about good topology (http://graphics.pixar.com/opensubdiv/docs/mod_notes.html#topology).

And of course, having refering to the aftermath project, it also remind me how did we saved images as references that were used to have an idea and for that was our Pinterest board, all full of different images well known as references for our project, although in the end, we did create our concepts for it.

Another topic, that can be talk further, it’s about rigging and not as a rig to be used, but as how to actually rig. That actually remind me the project from last semester when we did had to model a low poly character and that was supposed to be rig if it was necessary.

In the end of that project I didn’t even finish the CAT rig that I was working on for personal reasons. It doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to rig, or how to finish it. It was just a personal matter that I didn’t.

Anyway, once I managed to “open” that old file, I did managed to finally add the CAT rig, that it’s one of the more easy rigs to do in my opinion, because it just question of know well how to align correctly each part of the CAT rig to the body in a way that when those are animate it, the body will move with it.

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