Week 4: 10/10-16/10

In this week, again I did change the render example for my shot, I was following the feedback as always.

Also, working a bit on my assets, until I got sick. sickness is going to be something that none can be prepare enough, it will always intervene with our work and in this case wasn’t an exception for that rule.  pasted-image-at-2016_10_18-04_11-pm_01

And while for the CIU, I did had a presentation, that was the first time pitching the project that it have 30 credits points for both semesters that we are going to work with it, the only good thing about it was the fact that my sickness was after that presentation, where we get an amber light.


Week 3: 03/10-09/10

During this week, I did the last digital concept for my designed shot, just before I receive again a new feedback and I have to change my shot.

When I was working on my shot deconstruction that is due on week 4, I considered a shot for ghostbusters movie, but then as its shows in the second gif, it was change for something even more simple.


I also decided to work very quickly in some of my assets, according to the assets list that the group had managed to create considering our own skills, being honest with the level that each of us have. Knowing what is capable to do each of us and what are our weakness by modelling assets, the list was created very fair.


Meanwhile for the CIU class, I was focusing on completing a presentation, with my co-leader. It’s going to be a duo project, and as a product is going to be animated musical videos.

Week 2: 26/09-02/10



By the second week came in, one of the tasks as part of the world builders projects was to do some digital painting concept and as result I got what was above. Although, the second one was accidentally still part of it. I did also a draft version on 3D Max of what I did have in mind of how the my assigned shot was going to look like. After I present it, I got feedback for the group and for the facilitators and I had to re do it for the next week.

The next image is was actually an exercise to practice to do our actually shot painting, it was realised using photoshop in class.


In this week, we as a group actually discussed how further we were going to improve our project, review and finish our project plan and art bible, that as well was required to do like in and any other project.

Also we were assigned to work also on a small report/blog entry that it was going to a shot deconstruction. So, part of the end of this weekend was to actually find scenes from movies that are similar enough to what we expect to achieve in our respectives shots.

On the other hand, if I have to mentioned again the CIU project summary, I will just say that it was in this week where I was actually sure of what my major project was going to be and I did actually find a teamber to collab with and so, the interchange of opinions start as soon as we did established our method of communication.

Semester 3, week 1: 19/09-25/09


(I have no idea of what was that ↑↑)

A new semester had started and as every first week was time for a intro section. In this semester, we are going to do studio 3 and CIU212 and for first time there is a possibility that I actually made post entries about the CIU class because we are going to start the final project (AKA major project).

As part of the studio 3 class, the first project that we are going to be working for half semester is going to be the “world builders”; where we have to composed a world that is going to represent a scene from a book. The class was divided literally in two, the 2.5D and the 3D. The final product of this project consist on making a trailer rather in 2.5D animation or 3D unreal environment, well it was another option of doing it via a VFX Shot (option that no too many students select).

Anyway, once all the students decided what method we want to work with for the project, we were put into groups. I decided go with the UE4 environment, and then as a group we had chose “Shadow of the wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafón – The cemetery of forgotten books.

For that one step that we had to do was thumbnails of what did we had in mind of how our shot could be. Each of us was request to do at least one shot part of the whole. The idea for the shot that I’m working on it, is a low panning shot of the multiple book isles. Having that consideration I came out with the next.


After a further discussion in a meeting as group, I notice how it was being planted to realized a floor plan. In a very rare way I came out with the next thing, that of course in the end wasn’t even consider, because it doesn’t made any sense (probably in my mind did at the beginning).

That how’s this week concluded, at least for the studio class, because if I have  to mention the CIU class, I should have to just say that it was a time where I almost end making a solo project, until two classmates appears with a offer project to work with it.