Week 7: 31/10-06/11

Week 7 also known as study week where that means KPI meeting time and a free week for CIU unit. Meeting went well as it was expected, I did as I expected or at least that’s what I think so.

Apart of getting know what are my weak points or well making sure that I recognized those points as an important first step to improve my skills in not only my work environment but also in my day a day real life as the adult that I supposed are; it was also time to get at least a bit further with my specialization project as well do and finish whatever I had to do to complete the word buildings project. Knowing what are my priorities and know what are the correct order if that made sense.

Although I shouldn’t push away the major project for the CIU considering the free week for that unit shouldn’t stop me to keep the track on it, but it was late when I notice that rather I did, I did push away that project and as a result I ended not doing anything for that project, instead of I did my work for the Studio 3 class.

On the other hand, I did ask for a small favor, I wasn’t even thinking if that could or not could be include or relate as a cross-discipline “project” or not because it most like a favor to ask to my CIU partner Simon Navakas, helping me with the audio for the specialization project although It’s true that I’m using a track for the 11secondclub I did added a small “mmm” sound effect for a free to use site at the beginning of it.

The original sound as it’s present on the Animatic and on the Previs with the effect that I add it doesn’t sounds well on my point of view, because the effect is not as loud as the actual track from the 11 second club, so I just managed to ask if what even possible to made a second long sound more louder and as a result in the next 24 hours (that I didn’t even proposed as time line) I got a more line sound thanks to my parther.

Old version of the audio: *https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw05tquVxJILak9lSXRvc1FRXzg
New version of the audio: *https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5HqN6zJ7insd3dLcUtNcTNSUFU/view?usp=sharing


Week 6: 24/10-30/10

While my computer was out of service? specially with 3D MAX, I had to spend more time in the campus as my main solution. While mostly every asset that I had to do for the world builders project I did it indeed in class, I felt better as soon as I did know those were done as well knowing that my group members help me by reducing the number of it and the difficulty.

I had managed to divided my time between, the world builders project, my specialization project as well as my CIU mayor project. Organizing everything in priorities from what is due soon and well it is not due that soon. The world builders had got an extra week, but I had promise that at least my assets will be in time as it was pre-agreed it.


Considering that as my specialization project I’m doing an animation (3D of course) again, I had proposed in my personal schedule that by the end of this week I should have an animatic and by the end of the next one a previs. I had already chose an audio from the 11 second club website and found a video reference with it, working with what I had found I create an animatic on after effects.

And also if I have to keep mentioning the process for the major project in the CIU class, I will just say that it was a second time presentation, where we are willing to finally get the green light, and also know that we do have actually assessments to present in the campus online.

That’s definitely not the best of what I can do, but with limit time, and having to accommodate working on the campus, that was what I could do to have some actually visuals that are not references.


Week 5: 17/10-23/10

Having issues with the computer at home, I was feeling slow and a bit useless, everything had to be done in class time. I did a last render on 3D Max of how my shot is going to be, applying all the feedback received until now.
I was also working on one of my assets, before it got taken away by one member, and that felt like a relief because honestly, I was planning on star over with that one and I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to manage fix the problem at I know I do have at home with 3D Max. I had already try many different options that I did have in mind to fix it, and didn’t work.

In this week I also got a personal event on friday, having a day less to work in anything in all. On the other hand, for the CIU class, it was a week to start working on some visuals, that in the end I didn’t manage to do, so I was not only feeling that I was going to get one group down but two and also it was the fact that I had to start researching for my specialization project animation.

For the specialization project, I had found already some useful information relate in face animation. In the tutorial found, it explain how to do a dialogue chart, and I planning on use that method.

Shot Deconstruction

By Lizzet Arias Rhor

World buildings project, Team 3, Shot 3. A group project with the object to create a teaser, based on a scene from a book; where each of us is working in at least one shot.The shot is a low panning of the multiple book isles. As an example for this shot I found a scene from the ghostbusters movie, where the camera is following characters through the inside of a library, running among bookshelves. Also there is another small example, where shows exactly the idea of the low panning sequence.

After a while I get the idea of making the shot in a very similar way as in the example but from a bit different perspective and a bit of combination with the ghostbusters scene; making look more like a “L” walking. In the end, my shot is just going to be as simple as it was indicate from the beginning, a slow panning with an one point perspective to give it also the deep and big sensation that we are looking for our project.   

Thematic ideas that I can explore while working on that shot as well I examining existing shot as the already mentioned scene; I would say the way of how the camera moves to appreciate better the wanted perspective. Also, having explore not only that but actually examples of what perspective is more likely and works better for the occasion, it would give me even more precise and better result.

Considering all the mentioned until now, I get to the conclusion that to create this shot in a nice and well done result, it’s just necessary to do a few of research or even better find more simple examples in question to have more than just enough of good references; those that are never enough, to have not only good results but amazings.

If I also consider all the parts as how that examples shots are/were created, I’ll have to pay a bit of extra attention of the general idea of the movement of the camera and make sure that it keeps the likely perspective. I have notice that if I can get a good position if the camera, it would make the all the job and get the result that it’s more wanted.

All of that, should also have in consideration the use of the different lights that are going to be use in that shot, also taking in mind that the scene for this shot is based on a library that is hide and just illuminate with natural light at very early hours. In the examples previous mentioned, those aren’t using those kind of lights, for so it could be necessary to actually look to different examples and no necessary with libraries on it to have a better idea/s of how to implement natural early light on it.    

And that’s how I did get inspired, after seeing all those references, I did decided to made the shot deconstruction drawing, with a one point perspective, showing at the distance even more bookshelves in a very deed and far illusion that the position of the camera is going to create to finally gets the idea that it’s seems by the 10 years old kid perspective.

One idea as for the motivation for the shot is the movement of light, as its starts to illuminate the library, having in consideration that the whole project is situate at very early hours in the morning.

Although all what had been say is very inspirational, the main point of this would be more try to highlight that for the shot is necessary to may adapt to copy for say so, the movement of the camera in the main reference scene to obtain as result the illusion of a ‘infinitive’ library that is hidden. And that should gave us the likely result.  


*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljCbNmoZrgU&feature=youtu.be&t=19s (ghost busters scene)
*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoJ2l80WZbk (small example)