Post Mortem Reflexion: World Builders Project

This project consisted on created a trailer based on a scene from a book, the group decided work with: “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafón; and the scene was based on the library of the forgotten books; with the perspective of a 10 years old kid.

Each of us was assigned to create one of the shot of that, after a group discussing and suggestions it was decided the type of shot each of us where going to work during the long period of the project.

To collaborate to each other we created a google drive folder to share the work done, as well all the assets done, to create the final result of the project, it was necessary to create a list of all the assets to be done for all the shots and then in a fair and equal form those were divided between us. We communicated basically via slack but sometimes we did used also discord, anything else probably just was delivered via the google drive folder.

During this period once in group were made important decisions like the assets and tasks lists. We or just me came with a major and not that much unexpected problem having issues with 3D Max, the main program to molder the assets, that made my progress slower than the rest of my team, and mostly working just on the campus.

Although of all the issues that I did have during long time with the Max, I did appreciate the patience that my team members had showed through me and the mostly delays of my parts. Also I consider that all of us did have a good behaviour and that include keep the respect that it’s important in any aspect of our lives in general.

If I have to analysed more aspects that cased issue or what didn’t, I would just say that in general in my case the only problem that I did have was the technical issue with max, and probably just learning with the progress how to proper used UE4, a program that before this project I didn’t actually touched, and then I would say the fast and easy way to re do the draft render videos to show as preview from my shot considering always the feedback received.

Now, that I don’t having any issue with the computer at home, I know it won’t cause any problem in the future and I also have save all the important suggesting that I did received if any like that ever happen again. Also the fact that although I don’t like to work with UE4, now I do have the knowledge and know who to do the staff there too and I should keep the fast way to do the job in 3D Max.

For this project, as a team we did agree that we were going to create the assets on 3D Max, import on UE4 and the design the shot on the top of a gray box create on UE4, we did created just one huge environment for it and then each of us had to made sure that everything that was going to be on camera was on it before we actually create the shot.

So, while it was the responsible of someone else with more experience with UE4 to create the gray box, everyone receive a copy of it and I found it very handy, specially when it was the first time for me using that program. Using my solution that it wasn’t comfortable at 100% to work on the campus computers with 3D Max. I did finish my assets although in the end, those weren’t exactly used on the final project.

Also, indeed I did improved my work while I was getting the correct knowledge while using the program that it was new for me. Considering that each of us had the responsible of create at least one shot, I know that in the end I did what I was asked and it was a good shot, with one exception and that was why in the last result wasn’t include it.

Like others, a part of being responsible of the shot, I had to create assets. For that reason I spend too much time on the campus creating those, and then I did spend time learning UE4 and I did create the shot necessary using all the feedback give.


Week 9: 14/11-20/11

And the final presentation for the world builders project had finally arrived and taking the feedback from last week I end with the next result.


Although I managed to get the result that I did want to obtain, it wasn’t compatible with what the rest of the team did, when it was time to composed again all the shots together, it wasn’t looking good and in the last version of our project we ened using an extra shot that one of our members did for the best of our project.

I do understand why we took that decision and why we did that, maybe in an other occasion with maybe also more time I would learn better how UE4 works, program that it was also the first time that I used, I know I could possible maybe get a better result, although maybe this sounds childish, but I really hate work with it.

On the other hand, the specialization project was fixing, when I discovered that the new audio was a bit longer that the original, I had to adjusted the keys on the animation to make sure that doesn’t have the same result as the previs re created on Maya. Also was creating new keys as it is part of the project process.

Week 8: 07/11-13/11

The presentation week had arrived or at least the pre screaming for the world builders project. My shot was ready, although I wasn’t sure how to render it, I had to ask in class just before the actual presentation and with some help from my team members I learnt how to do it just in time.

The result was the next and although the idea didn’t included the increasing of the light, but to keep the darkness or well dark enough to simulate the very early hours in what was supposed to be the lower part of the huge library, that small problem couldn’t be fix in time but what it was present was well enough for the pre screaming in this week.


After the presentation with all the shots composed together, we received feedback and it was point out the obvious mistake on my shot, also we were reminded that it was to keep a perspective and as a team we had decided that it was going to from the point of view of a ten years old kid; knowing what I had to do for the next week final presentation I try to start as soon as possible, so I was able to fix and now that I got the knowledge of how to render in UE4, I could work on it and bring the render final version of it for the next week in time and before class.

On the other hand, the specialization projects was also on progress, in this week I received some feedback and I was recommend to use Maya instead of 3D Max, because the max rig is old and it doesn’t have to many good option on the controls for a good animating believable lip sync as I had determined to do as part of the research that I’m doing.

So for me it was time to start over the project, although it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, because with the 3D Max version of the previs already done, I start creating the keys on Maya using the Norman rig and recreate the previs on Maya.

Thanks to a small inconvenient issue while rendering it the image looks different that from the original file. Sorry for that.