Post Mortem Reflexion: Cross-Discipline Project

A cross-discipline project as the title says is a project between disciplines, in this case, I, personally, worked on a games project. The project consist in develop a game that’s compatible in VR and for that reason the games students, were looking for animators who can model 3D assets in low poly.

The game was a simple as exploring a room with day to day objects, as well as desktop staff. They were in charge of course in creating a develop the game, while the animation student were in charge of creating the objects around the room and a student from design was in charge of the textures.

The game name is “enouement” and in the end you can find the game here: * To get all of that, it was first decided what specific asset we were in charge of, and I did have to create a slater and a teddy bear.

We were told that we just need to unwrap those but not add the texture, because although maybe it wasn’t the best idea, the design student had the responsibility of create the textures.

In general, the project didn’t have any problem, we did managed to communicate with the team, each member worked as individual to get the assets done in time and once those were done and approved by the games students who were the leaders, we had to just handle the finish and unwrap version of those assets and that’s what I did.

I did managed to work as fast as I could and get those in time, they end using the slater but not the teddy, I guessed that was because the design student didn’t how to actually do the texture for that and the team decided to not bother us asking for it, once they did insist that it wasn’t our responsibility to texture.

Although, I did asked if they were sure of just unwrapping it and not texture those, I also managed to asked for feedback, I did wanted to have the most nice assets that I could managed to do in so short time, time that I only managed to have because I did try to find a project to collab with in the very end of the semester.

In conclusion, I would say that, in this project I did learn that some time we should suggest also, specially if we know that one of the member wasn’t really prepared to managed that amount of textures, textures that animation student know better the how to do. I want to believe that if we did suggest at least some examples of how to do those, the project would have all the assets on it.


Post Mortem Reflexion: Specialization Project

The specialization project consisted on choose a type of specialization that the person wants to work on, I decided to do a dialogue sequence animation, being animate in 3D. For that reason, I choice a dialogue sequence from the 11secondclub website and decided for the october one, that in that moment was the open month competition that I never intended to enter. And find a 3D rig, that its free to use.

I start using the Max rig for 3D Max, but later on, no that later just after the first time presenting the previs, it was descarted because its actually an old rig, and doesn’t offer good controls in the face; that’s necessary for the expecting result.

This was a personal project, and because it was using an existing dialogue, it wasn’t need of an audio collab for the project, just need of good references, for that I did start with finding the original clip from the dialogue is from, once I did find it, I got a better idea of how I was going to plan the storyboard and the animation itself.

When a project like this is a personal work, there is no need to worry about finding ways of communication through other students, just maybe know how to ask for feedback in the process to get a better result and not only that, but who knows maybe inclusive learn a good method that could helps to improve our own abilities making animation.

During this project the only issue that I could mentioned it would be the adjustment of the syncing of the actions with the audio although it wasn’t a collab project I did ask for a favor to an audio student to improve my audio that I did add a second of effect with was too softer than the rest of the audio that was the actual dialogue, and that was the only thing that kind of push back the progress of it.

If I have to mention anything else that went wrong, I don’t have anything else that I could say, on the contrary, I did managed to adjust it and also have a nice result in the end of it, and that’s why I decided that this project was going to be my whole showreel.

I did used myself as reference for the movements, although I did record myself making those, I did act while doing the animation to the point that the image of those were recording on my mind so, I could created the wanted moviment on the rig, (the norman rig for Maya), and managed the result I wanted.

Then, I was mostly just applying feedback that I received and improvement it one and another time. it’s always a good idea to listen and follow the feedback as well any tutorial that we can find online as I did from the beginning to the end.

So, as part of the project, I did start as always looking for references, then I did a storyboard to animatic to previs, although I did the previs with 3D Max, then thanks to a feedback, and my own suggestion, I change the program to Maya and after redoing the previs using the 3D Max file as reference, it was easy in the end work on Maya.

So, I was very open to suggestion and feedback, also follow the tutorials as I said those are important and part of the main key to success in a project like this one, that specializes in a way of animation, in this case 3D character animation and that’s what I enjoy more.

Well, being the one that was in charge on a solo project like this, I was the only who also had to managed time and when I normally leaking in that, this project did help to improve a bit on time management especially once I asked for the favor that changed the length of the audio and I had to adjust the animation to it.

Week 13: 12/12-18/12

Last version.gif
My showreel ends being the last version of my specialization project. I decided that the best of the best during this semester as part of the studio class was no other than the dialogue animation sequence that I did as specialization project animated in Maya.

On the other hand, it was still the CIU progress, at the end of the semester, I did more sketches from the landscapes and short (5 seconds long) videos of examples for what was supposed to look like at least with the few assets that I had done.


I did the last two sketches and the storyboard? in no time, while giving more time to the short render examples for the two option of future.

Week 12: 05/12-11/12

I had finish the specialization project as well, so it was time to give it more focus to the CIU unit, in simple in this week I did part of sketches and short render examples (5 seconds long) as part of the landscapes that are part of this major project.


For the past one


And for the present one

Week 11: 28/11-04/12

For the cross-discipline project I finished both assets and let the game team know, I actually end working on those in this week, as soon as I started those I asked for feedback to see if that was what they were expecting, and after that I start with the unwrap that was required.

While on the other hand, my specialization project, I was keeping applying feedback that I had received and improvement it. Always keeping in mind the new methods that I learn and implementing it. All to at least try to have a nice result with it.

Week 10: 21/11-27/11

It’s late to find a good cross-discipline project but that didn’t stop me, I found a project to work with the games students of studio 2, a project that is going to be on VR. They were asking for 3D molders to molder low poly objects.

Considering that my specialization is the animation on 3D that doesn’t mean that I can’t or don’t know about it, modelling had been part of the process for previous projects so I accept that project also considering that I didn’t have to many options to chose for.

Anyway, once I meet the team and interchange important information to start working on it as soon as possible, I had to wait a little longer to get access to the final version of their assets lists where we could add our names on it on the responsible person for that asset. Once was confirm what asset is doing each of us, I was told to a simple stapler and a teddy bear.

On the other hand, the process for my specialization project was going well, I had managed to correct the syncing small problem that seems to to happen with the new audio that I got, it was a bit longer than the original and I had to adjusted it. Also I was implementing the feedback that I got. It was starting to look more smooth than before, but of course, it had still a long way to finish, considering that I just adjust it all. From just having the previs redo it to a draft of the whole animation adjust to the correct time sync with the new audio.

Research Presentation: Specialization Project

I working as part of my specialization project on a dialogue sequence animation and I chose a dialogue from the 11secondclub website and as part of it I decided to search about lip sync animation as well as face animation.

My main results as well main sources were: and, usisng the first option, I decided try to do create a dialogue chart and came with a result similar to:

Although, those probably won’t make any sense to anyone else, it did to me, and helps me to animate it more precise than I thought. Specially the first time when I was working without the audio on the animation program to create the first version of the previs as well of course the animatic.

On the other hand, using the second source, I understand and find ways to have a very nice face animation with a very believable lip animation to be use more in a closed up camera. As I did, I used those tips, to have what I want to have as part of the animation.

With all of this said, I conclude that with good tutorials/tips and good resources we can archive what we want and even more, specially if we do have also good references.