World Builders Project – Shot Deconstruction

Shot 1, introduction shot, introduction to Atlantis city, that’s the main idea in the design of the shot that I was working on for the project. Part of the project, the world builders project the one that’s explain later on, asks to deconstruct a shot from an existing film for inspiration, and for that I’m using the first shot from a movie that actually shows Atlantis which is: “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”.The introduction shot is pretty similar to what we as team have in mind for our own introductory shot.

The whole project consists on create a fake trailer base on a scene from a book, the chosen book is “20 000 leagues under the sea” by Jules Verne. The scene that we are focusing on is the one where Atlantis is discovered. The shot that I’m in charge on is actually the opening one, the one that introduce to this lost city.

The actually video reference to that is the next one that can be easy find on YouTube:

The shot that I’m focusing on is the first one from this sequence and it’s about 5 seconds in length. That is the same length of our own opening shot.That movie that I have chosen to analyse is also based on a novel by Jules Verne, “The Mysterious Island”.

That movie was released on February 2012 and it belongs to the action, adventure, family and Science Fiction & Fantasy film genres. In simple words that movie basically tells the story of the young man who goes with a small group to the adventure in search and rescue a member of the family after receiving a letter with instructions of how to find this mysterious island that results to be the Atlantis lost city.

In the shot that I have chosen is an introduction shot, it starts by showing the forest where the characters came from to the full view of the lost city. The characters were in the top of area, standing up and the shot goes with constant movement of the camera than in the end stops slowly to just focus in the whole scene and that’s one of the things that I like more from it.

From there I could also point out that it’s important shot because not only maintain focus on the main asset that is the whole city in that movie, but also it shows a good composition on it. It also shows what is before it, doesn’t go direct to the main location but instead goes from behind/before to showing that it’s not all only about that place, that city but also allow us to know that there is something else going on. Through interesting camera movement the shot also gives us more information about the general environment and location of where the city is.

Now, talking in a technical terms I would say that in that the shot has a nice camera movement, camera angle and framing; those are the points that I mostly like form that and actually can be use to complete and do my own shot; or well try to imitate a bit, because the propose of my shot in the project doesn’t really need to main focus that much our main city, that’s why I thinking that the best thing that could work nicely in the project is actually leave the camera a bit behind.


Week 4: 27/02-05/03

As soon as it was possible, it was time to start modelling the hero assets and for that I start and followed the tutorial previous mentioned, although the tutorial was teaching a new (for me at least) modifier to create the tree branches in a very easy, fast and practical way. It did came with the idea of making the top part of those in point and that could work normally with I was planning to do a normal tree with leaves that will end cover those, but when it’s going to be dead trees, the results are not exactly as what I was expecting.

Tree_1_1Tree_2_1Those were two views of the same main tree already unwrapped and texture it with a simple 2D texture, do with autodesk sketchbook pro.

UVW_render_Tree_1As you can see, the unwrap map and the texture were indeed very simple for a fossil tree, good that in the end that was modificate, although the modification of the texture for this tree was made by Macauley Bell after I did have some troubles with mudbox and quixel.

On the other hand, in this week was also reintroduce the Specialization project that it was initially mentioned on week 2, but not really touched as much as it should, I had decided since then that I’m going to do a dialogue sequence animation again, I had considering using an dialogue from the 11secondclub website, and this time use the dialogue from the february month competition, although it had already passed.

Also for that reason, I start looking for some free rigs that I could use for the project, thanks to a suggestion in class, I look into the “MERY PROJECT” that offers the Mery rig for Maya to use for free (please read terms and conditions before download it), it’s now question on try it on and see how much I could do for the project specially with the dialogue that I’m planning to use.


Week 3: 20/02-26/02

Atlantis Animatic by  Macauley Bell (

After discussing and creating different concepts for our project, with the help of some general ideas/notes, the animatic was done, it does include some extra and/or desirables assets that of course had been update/change since then. It doesn’t have any sound yet, but that was also something that we have to work about it to get it right, with the possibility of getting an audio student to actually made it for us, including all the sounds effects to give an idea of very deep sea.

Having in mind what we’re going to be the hero assets, after creating an asset list and having all the documentation almost done, or at least the main part as part of the pre production phase, and going to get into the production phase of the project, I start looking for some easy modelling tutorials on how to made the trees, and I did find the next one:  and also of course it was time to look for modelling references or rather say for a better idea of how a petrified tree look like.

On the other hand, in the same week, there were created two versions of previs, made again by  Macauley Bell and as well using all the feedback received during that week, although the first version is more likely to the animatic rather than the second one that obviously had changed since then and also contains the number of scenes/shots.

PreVis v1 by Macauley Bell (

Atlantis PV V02 by Macauley Bell (

Week 2: 13/02-19/02

It was decided the book and the scene from the main focus on our project was going to be “20 000 Leagues under the Sea” by Jules Verne and the scene from the chapter: “The Lost Continent” from the part II of the book (Pages 243 to 246).

It was time of concepting, that includes some thumbnails and digital concepts base on the individual shot that each of us has to work on and get it right. As a group we discussed and decided what shot each of us was going to do, with that in mind, I was going to focus on the shot 1; a shot that was going to introduce and show as how it was described it on the book the Atlantis City from a forest of petrified trees to a full view or mostly of the lost city.

Storyboard shot #.png
Having in mind that part of our decisions as a team was to include a volcano, an aqueduct, a temple, the ruins of houses, and of course the petrified trees, I really couldn’t came with many ideas as part of the thumbnails for my shot, I did have a better idea of how to do it just after it was decided a map for our scene.

digital concept shot 1 version 1
This is actually never post before, because it was more like a WIP of what I was thinking the concept art for my shot was going to be.

World Builders Project- Digital Concept version 1  (

World Builders Project- Digital Concept version 2 (

I ended making those two versions although none were considering the last version or the final one, it was more than enough to probe what it was necessary for this shot, the shot 1.


Week 1: 06/02-12/02

A new year, a new semester, new challenges. Let’s see how in this term everything goes.

It had began the year, and of course the introduction to a new projects, or also review of a few but necessary things that we are going to work into as team, this new year, new semester I’m working in a team that include the whole class; a class with just 5 members on it, including me.

The first project is the “world builders project”, this time the team had choice “20 000 leagues under the sea” by Jules Verne. Once again, before I get ahead let’s review of what I can remember that really happen in that week.

Photo reference exercise WIP by LAriasRhor
Photo reference exercise WIP (

One of the first things that we did that week was a small exercise, that one is something that I should go back and finish, probably in the break, this exercise is used as practice for the digital concept of a shot that we had to work individuality.

And then another thing that I remember doing in that week was a small exercise of thumbnailing, using now a small lecture from the “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allen Poe.

Those results were done with limit time during the class time, and like I said, it was more to get a better idea of composing a shot rather than something else; most like telling the story without words in a few thumbnails, although those are not relate one to the other.