World Builders Project

One of the projects that I had been working on since the beginning of this term, is this one that consist in simple words to create a fake teaser based on a book. This is a group project, my group is formed by 4 members including myself. To do this project we do had only 6 weeks, considering that is due on week 7. The firsts 2-3 weeks had been used as pre production, documentation, while the rest of the time is required to do the production and left the post production for the last days, no even a week but days.

Up to now, as part of the documentation each student had to do some to some concept arts, as well some thumbnails and others to helps visualize the result of our individuals shots, that each of us had been assigned. In simple words, one the teams had been formed each of them had assigned to each member a shot that they are going to be responsible for it and it would depend on each student to made it posible to in the end create the teaser with all the shot edited and render together as one main masterpiece.

For the moment I can show my concepts, that I had already post online on my deviantart account. Normally most of my visuals end been post there, some of my WIP videos end post on my tumblr.







I remember that when I was working on this concepts I was more thinking that I should try to focus more in the environment that is describe on the book that the team had choice, rather than the characters that also appear there. My team and I are working on the “Zarkora” project, planning on doing our individual shots as a “VFX” shot – Matte Painting/Virtual Environment, which might use camera mapping techniques. It’s going to be based on the second book of the “Zarkora” series, “The lost Kingdom”.

My shot is specify based on the chapter VIII of the book named as “Gorkin Chase”; in which the main environment is the forest where the main characters are.