Specialisation Project-After Effects

New project, exploring the knowledge obtained by tutorials in after effects to create appropriate titles and effects for the showreel. This new project was bring after the low result of the animation process, although, I know that with more practice and time that could be done completely. I did not have enough time to complete this project but I manage to complete it in time, thanks to the hard work and help of the tutorials.

So, what were my skills before it? I would say that I did have the knowledge enough to do a simple showreel. While doing this project one of the objectives was to learn and apply all the knowledge onto it, I know it wouldn’t be possible do due to the short time and all the advance area that I had learned. All that what’s necessary to know to improve and do correctly this project was on those tutorials.

Reviewing again the main parts of those tutorials as well as analisanding those that were need, was the main processed used in this project. Most of the time, to save some it’s necessary to duplicate what it is already on the project, on the composition that we are working on. This tutorials were main focus on the different effects that can be apply for different occasions that can be manipulate more than once for one layer or more on the main composition.

To do a composition on after effects normally there should be an idea of what’s the objective to do, the whole image of it. Then made sure to have all the need files, such as images, pre render videos, audio or including pre-composition that it could include some effects. It’s going to depend on what’s the last image, to say so, that it want to be create as the result to know how all the files are going to be reorganised, adjust and modificated for it. Then, it mostly be question of know what’s the wish effect that what to be apply to it. To finally know how to import it correctly to render and compressed the file to have the last video (or the wish one) format of it.

Do you know that the best technique that I did discover by using this tutorials was actually experimenting with the properties that each of the effects has? I mean, each effect has their own properties, their own options and by those the amount or the how this effect would affect the layer that is working on. Some include can have a proper order that would change their timing of those or appearance randomisation depending of what was said. Just by adding some wiggle or time to certain command on the effect it could also change the result on the main last animation. (need to be talk through more)

This are some of the result that I obtain after making those tutorials:

I going to list the techniques I learned three of those:

Animated polygon Tutorial:

  • Radio waves and masks
  • Scale wipe
  • Duplicate layers and change properties (radio waves)

Spin Tutorial:

  • Audio Spectrum and masks
  • wiggle effect
  • Duplicate layers and change properties (audio spectrum)

Grid Tutorial:

  • Advance lightning  but change the type (bouncey)
  • Turbulent displace
  • Duplicate layers and change properties (Advance lightning)

And here is a small thing that I applying the knowledge obtained for all of those:

LAriasRhor Logo
I should point out that I did want it to be in the corner of the main source that in this case was the showreel.

I mostly just focus on the small flashing that the words and doing and how are interval in a way that the small logo create base on a square, doesn’t disappear at the same time as the word. It also contain a wiggle on the flashing to keep it happen on the whole composition and not for just two seconds long as it is original create as part of a pre composition. While working on after effect it’s necessary to understand that the result would contain more than one composition, and that’s what’s it would be call or know as pre composition. A pre composition can be also create to simplificare the main project, by selecting various layers that together can create one, and have in consideration that if one pre composition is edited that would be affect the main one automatically.


Now to do that new project with lightning effects, I try to do it by recycling the previous tutorial, but of course that didn’t totally work. I did use one and another bit from the previous file but effect edited the properties of it. I also change the main length from like just 2 seconds to 10 seconds as well as the main background. The new background use give it more space to play around with the lightning effect. Also I manage to combine both parts of the tutorial that gave me two different result into just one. I didn’t just edit what I previously did, I did add more effects or well more variations of those as well combine everything that I did learn to obtain that result.

As before, I’m going to mention the basic effects that I used to do that new lightning after effects project:

  • Advance lightning
  • Advance lightning  but change the type (omni)
  • Turbulent displace
  • Duplicate layers and change properties (Advance lightning)

That just look like the Grid tutorial I mention before, but the different here is that to the advance lightning effect, it also has variations on the glow, the decay, the forking and more to made it look like a real lightning. All of that and so more that had be explore and texting in the way. Most of the time while doing this cases of projects to have more effective results is necessary some experimentation while doing it.