Post Mortem- Specialization project

This project did start as a 3D animation one, but it change based on feedback from facilitators to an after effect one.

This is the result, now I going to reflect on it in the next parts.

Project management reflection

First when it was an animation project, I did had schedule by weeks in advance as how was supposed to be done progressively. Then when it change, I was worry that I didn’t have enough time to actually do something, but after being 100% focus and hard work I managed to have something finish in time.

This project by being an individual project I was only getting feedback from my facilitators. I had to work on my own, but even when it was the animation project, I knew what I should be doing and how I was suppose to do it. Although I do recognize that the feedback gave that made the project change, was fair I also know that indeed more practice and time was need to do it.

Once the idea of making the lightning project was made, I didn’t lose time and start as soon as possible, I knew that time was probably against me but again I did manage to to it.

Creative work and processes reflection

When I was doing the animation on maya, I do remember that I did start by selecting the sequence of actions by making a list of possibilities and reduce it to just 5 of those. I decide to go with the pose to pose process and choice the rig after texting all the free rigs that I could use on maya.

Later when I changed the project to and after effect one, after feedback from facilitators that established that my 3D fundamentals are holding me back from completing a complex animation, and need more time to work on these before returning to an animation project. Although, I know that if I keep practising and improving the basic 3D skills in time I would complete a complex animation, and maybe even do a dialogue animation.

Thanks to all the tutorials that I followed to learn and improve my very basic after effects skills, it allowed me to create 2D animation, I did learned that it was possible with the right graphics. It also gave me some really useful skills to help with presentation of my work.

The idea was to create titles or/and some other effects on my showreel. Once I add some effects in the first title of the showreel, I did manage to create a logo that goes through the whole showreel applying what I had learned.

The main part of making the last result of the new part of the project that was creating a new version of the lightning composition, was actually review the tutorial. Then as it was suggest, I did find and apply a new background to edit the effects and plan the animation of those effects to a 10 seconds long composition.

Mostly, I had to experiment the different option on the effects to obtain the last result on the project. For example, in this project the effect that I most used was the Advance lightning, and that had to be edited and more than once. By that, I mean that the glow, the decay, the forking and more propitiates of those layers with the effect on it had to be edited and even animated to have the result that I had. Also is better when the layer is duplicate it and change the valour of those once again for better results, some times even just chancing the colour of those could give a even better result.

Reflection on roles and transferable skills

How this is an individual project, I wasn’t on the need of sharing process of it. I was responsible for all of it. I had just to keep track and communicate with facilitators in question of feedback. I did even present my old research topics relate with the animation project; but also I did research by doing the tutorial on after effects.  I suppose, that just for the last bit of the project, I did manage correctly my time; because I did finish it in time .