Goodbye WordPress

Hello everyone, it had been a while since I write a blog entry here. I’m about to graduate as a character animator and with it have done my career in animation. This adventure part of my life had started long ago in June 2015 when I did my diploma in animation. Now in 2018 and about to graduate completing my bachelor in animation, I feel like all this is just a new beginning rather than ending.

I had my ups and downs like anyone else during all this period of time, I had meet incredible people. Some had even graduate before, or just recient, some still studying like me, for not much longer, others even were just at the beginning. In either occasion, I’m glad that I had the opportunity of meeting these amazing people.

I know I had also surpass so many challenges, that had help me improvement and develop new and old skills and abilities that would help in the future. Now, when I in this ending part, I had thought and decided a few things. One of the decisions that I had made is that I would stop posting in WordPress for personal reasons. I’m keeping my other social media but as well, had decided a few ‘rules’ to say so.

I’m keeping my tumblr, and facebook to publish WIPs while final products will be on my DeviantArt, as well as my ArtStation. I had also create a portfolio as well as a LinkedIn account. I want to remind you as well about my Sketchfab where I have all my 3D models so far – pieces used in different projects as part of my studies. Then don’t forget about my YouTube channel where all my showreels are published. As well, the other YouTube channel where everything for the “Indiana Jones Adventures” project come to live. And finally, there are my Pinterest and G+ accounts that you can also follow if you want.

After saying all that, I’m finally saying “goodbye” WordPress, it was a pleasure publishing here as well. I’m leaving it as an archive blog, I’m not closing it just leaving it. You should be able to keep seeing all my blogs post as part of my studies but you won’t see anything new. Now, you know, where to find me and my new progress in this adventure that I call life as animator. Thank you very much whom follow me here, hope to see you around. It was a pleasure and I won’t forget.


Indiana Jones Adventures

Published on Apr 26, 2018

I want to special thank everyone that has supported me through this project.
This project had been my biggest challenge so far.
I do appreciate all the support and encouragement during all the time that it took to create it. Thank you very much.

Lizzet Arias Rhor (LAriasRhor –

Sounds FX:
Hayfa Numa (

Music taken from: (Epic Journey – Yung Logos)


Major Project- “Indiana Jones Adventures”

2018 banner – It had been so long since I do one of these.

At the end of last year, in the last term I started working my major project. In the beginning it didn’t have an actual name, now it’s known as “Indiana Jones Adventures”. During last year, I did all the pre-production for it. Now I have been working on the production of this one. The project consist in create a title sequence of a “reboot” TV series for kids and adults in a cartoon style.

So far the project haven’t need a blog entry, most of my WIPs have been posted on my DeviantArt or on my New YouTube channel exclusive for it. I have also posted the advance so far on my Tumblr blog, as an alternative of social media that made it easy to share it with others. As well of course, in my Facebook page for the same reason as Tumblr.

This is solo project, I had to created all the assets and edited existing audio to made the animation so far. I’m planning in getting help for the audio, if I managed that, then the audio won’t be weak. So far the project had had its ups and downs, but I had managed to pass through those. I had learned much about animation, specially 2D animation that was my weak point. I’m using a “new” technique – for me at least- named “puppet” animation and using after effects as the main program for it. I also using what its call “pre-comps” to help me do it easier than I expected.

To see more about it, please check my other social medias previous mentioned and thank you for your support. Feel free to follow me in any of those other social medias as well.

2017-Semester 3

Semester 3
Every new semester/term I start showing something like this. We are almost half through one, the last one for this year. In this term I’m not in the need of blogging every week (not that I had). This semester I should be focusing on my major project AKA CIU212. So, the next blogs entries should be relate with it. On the other hand, I’m doing CIU211, and that also requires some blogging. My next blog entries should variate between those units.

That’s all for now, soon enough, I probably will sharing some character or backgrounds rough designs for my project; as well some research for my assessments that need those.

Specialisation Project-Timing

While talking about weighting, timing was mentioned, but what’s timing? first is one of the 12 principals of animation. Also it could be the weight of an object, as it was mentioned on the weighting entry, the different timing used in the same object would give different illusion of the weight of that object.

Timing as it is the speed of the action, refers as how long the action will take, would affect the personality and nature of the animation. It’s going to be affect by the number of frames between the two main poses on the animation. In simple, more frames it would made it slower, and less would result in a fast action.

That’s one on the main reason to also be the weight on an object, as how it was explained on my last entry. It could also work as scaling properties, as for example a tiny character would move faster than a large one therefor, a tiny one would have less frames. And lately, it could also use as to determining emotion; its different to show relaxing from nervous.

To apply a good timing, in the end would be hardly recommend to have a real time reference; because timing would help us to create something believable and realistic movements based off the real-world. A good real life reference would always help specially to have the correct timing on a animation piece.

Timing correctly something in an animation, would work correctly for any of the previous ways mentioned (such as weight, scaling and emotions) and will have positive results. As animators use the correct timing in the emotions for example would also give the though behind those actions.

In conclusion a correct timing would help to have a better understanding in things as weight (or the illusion of it), scaling (different velocities in the actions could varied in the size of the character) and emotions (it’s no the same show a relaxing movement rather than a nervous one). Timing is most common to be related to a real life action, so having good references always helps to give the believable and realistic need it.