Post Mortem- Cross-discipline project

Cross-discipline project is the project that it’s done between two or more disciplines.  I worked with two projects, both with the end product as a game. The first project, I was listed to do animation of some characters; it changed when it was not a real communication and time was running out. The second project, I was offered to help creating some assets; in this case two variations of rocks.

As well I would show the result of those assets that I did for both projects, the two rocks and the ground “texture” with normal, that was what I change since there were not character to be animate it in time.

Rock 01:

Rock 2:


Ground Final

Now I going to reflect on it in the next parts.

Project management reflection

For a cross-discipline project the essential is to have a good communication system. For both projects in the beginning once it was pitch to us, and we decided to join them the communication system was stable and figure out. The problem began with the first project that I signed up, that the main person in charge of it didn’t even know how slack works correctly nor ask for help about it. That did push the progress of that project behind.

Once some time has passed, I was need to work on it, I found a wall that didn’t seem to be destroyed, methodically talking. We did have a google drive folder to share files and such in both projects and that’s was working very well on both. I did checked constantly on the drive to see if at least in that way there some kind of communication for the first project and it wasn’t. That’s why and when I decided that project probably wasn’t going to work out for me and I joined the second project.

The second project, didn’t only cont with the drive and slack channel, but with a spreadsheet that everyone can edit and update process. That helped everyone who was working on that project.

Creative work and processes reflection

While I was originally listed for animation I couldn’t do it without the asset to be animate that was the work of someone else. I asked for another project, and I ended working making two variations of rocks. To do this rocks, I actually followed a very useful tutorial that I was suggested while doing the world builders project.

The rocks with the help of that tutorial was done easily and faster than I expected. Then I proceed with the texturing process use for Quixel. I did have some previous knowledge on Quixel from past projects, so applying it wasn’t as difficult as I thought. Finally I did share the files with the correct textures on the drive and my work were done.

Although, I had done one project, I insist talking with the one that originally contacted us to work on the first project and ask him directly if there were something else I could try, and that’s how I ended doing a “texture” (as how he requested) of a ground. For that I when with the simple as made a plane and add again the texture on Quixel.

I choice to work on texturing with Quixel not only because I did some work on that before, but also because it export textures easy to made them compatibles an easy to use on UE4 that’s what was used to create the games.

I think that use 3D Max to create the assets and then texture on Quixel made it easy and faster for this type of work.

Reflection on roles and transferable skills

For both projects that I participate on, I can easy say that I was just another generalist 3D assets creator. Also I was part of the animators team on both projects just for being in the animation class. Now, in general, I want to believe that both projects in the end worked and got nice result. Although communication was a main issue for one of those, I know both ended well.

I supposed on a next time I should try and ask directly to the main source of the project form the beginning if I saw the communication being so weak.


Cross-Discipline Project – Post Mortem

A cross-discipline project, as it said it should work between disciplines, in this case, I use the world builders project for that to be archive.  While us did all the animation part of it we team up with an audio student, Ash Ball, as its is mentioned on the credits and every else that need to be mentioned. That student, was contacted by discord and/or person during or after/before classes.

Like the WB project, it was also need a drive folder that it was share with him for the sake of the project, and to allow us easily know what was the progress on the music designed by him for the project. Once we did had some, we discussed as a group and decided what would work better with what did we had up to that moment before giving him some feedback to improve the audio.

One of the problems that we had, was the fact that most of the communication was by discord, and actually delivery by just one of our side of the team members, with all the notes taken by the whole team. This feedbacks notes were expressing in probably what it wasn’t the most clever way for the audio student to work with because of the different terms used in the different disciplines. Although, that was true, we did managed to get through it by finding general works for what we need to communicated and it was a success.

For future references, I would use the same general words use to communicate with an audio student. Also, in the future I would like to not just work with audio students to develop an excellent project but many with other disciplines as well as the games one; but that’s a topic for another day.

The project was a success, and we saw it, and that’s mostly because we did learn to communicate well with the audio student and were trustful enough to know that our main way to get in contact with was our team member. A good communication is always the key in any kind of project. And always remember to keep in contact with those who help you in the past, as well keep crediting  them for their hard work, because as much as we did a lot, they also did.

Post Mortem Reflexion: Cross-Discipline Project

A cross-discipline project as the title says is a project between disciplines, in this case, I, personally, worked on a games project. The project consist in develop a game that’s compatible in VR and for that reason the games students, were looking for animators who can model 3D assets in low poly.

The game was a simple as exploring a room with day to day objects, as well as desktop staff. They were in charge of course in creating a develop the game, while the animation student were in charge of creating the objects around the room and a student from design was in charge of the textures.

The game name is “enouement” and in the end you can find the game here: * To get all of that, it was first decided what specific asset we were in charge of, and I did have to create a slater and a teddy bear.

We were told that we just need to unwrap those but not add the texture, because although maybe it wasn’t the best idea, the design student had the responsibility of create the textures.

In general, the project didn’t have any problem, we did managed to communicate with the team, each member worked as individual to get the assets done in time and once those were done and approved by the games students who were the leaders, we had to just handle the finish and unwrap version of those assets and that’s what I did.

I did managed to work as fast as I could and get those in time, they end using the slater but not the teddy, I guessed that was because the design student didn’t how to actually do the texture for that and the team decided to not bother us asking for it, once they did insist that it wasn’t our responsibility to texture.

Although, I did asked if they were sure of just unwrapping it and not texture those, I also managed to asked for feedback, I did wanted to have the most nice assets that I could managed to do in so short time, time that I only managed to have because I did try to find a project to collab with in the very end of the semester.

In conclusion, I would say that, in this project I did learn that some time we should suggest also, specially if we know that one of the member wasn’t really prepared to managed that amount of textures, textures that animation student know better the how to do. I want to believe that if we did suggest at least some examples of how to do those, the project would have all the assets on it.

Week 11: 28/11-04/12

For the cross-discipline project I finished both assets and let the game team know, I actually end working on those in this week, as soon as I started those I asked for feedback to see if that was what they were expecting, and after that I start with the unwrap that was required.

While on the other hand, my specialization project, I was keeping applying feedback that I had received and improvement it. Always keeping in mind the new methods that I learn and implementing it. All to at least try to have a nice result with it.

Week 10: 21/11-27/11

It’s late to find a good cross-discipline project but that didn’t stop me, I found a project to work with the games students of studio 2, a project that is going to be on VR. They were asking for 3D molders to molder low poly objects.

Considering that my specialization is the animation on 3D that doesn’t mean that I can’t or don’t know about it, modelling had been part of the process for previous projects so I accept that project also considering that I didn’t have to many options to chose for.

Anyway, once I meet the team and interchange important information to start working on it as soon as possible, I had to wait a little longer to get access to the final version of their assets lists where we could add our names on it on the responsible person for that asset. Once was confirm what asset is doing each of us, I was told to a simple stapler and a teddy bear.

On the other hand, the process for my specialization project was going well, I had managed to correct the syncing small problem that seems to to happen with the new audio that I got, it was a bit longer than the original and I had to adjusted it. Also I was implementing the feedback that I got. It was starting to look more smooth than before, but of course, it had still a long way to finish, considering that I just adjust it all. From just having the previs redo it to a draft of the whole animation adjust to the correct time sync with the new audio.

Week 13: 22/08-28/08

Last week on this semester. Exhibition week as well. With limited time to finishing polishing both of the pantomimes animation exercise as it was planned to do in this week, it was also time to work on our showreel with the best of the best that we had done during this period.

I have made some time going through all my files and folders with all that I had done. Highlighting all the final versions of all the assets and more that I have to do meet all the requirements of the briefs in each project. Remember each part of the process of the Aftermath project, and then the specialisation project; or any other project that I have to work as a cross-discipline aspect.

I got to the conclusion that besides of the effort that I had during this period, I didn’t reach more than I could have done or I expected to be done. In conclusion, I had done some 3D assets and then my animation exercises as part of my specialisation in 3D animation. I also got the conclusion that I had been working mostly with just one program (3d Max) rather than even try as it was supposed to happen with other programs as well. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a clue about those, it just the fact or rather the feeling that I didn’t need those for what I was asking to do and feeling that I’m very comfortable with the one I have been working through.

I’m sure, I did all that I could but I also know that I could try to do better, try to get even better results if I didn’t doubt about my own abilities. As a result of it, I decided to just add the assets that were actually part of the Aftermath project, the ones I did for the game project and of course both of my pantomime animations; to what I did as showreel.

I also had add the only drawing I did during the semester as a small contribution to practice my 2D skills (drawing skills) that I well know those are not my best but I also enjoy to practice it at least once in a while. I had drew a horse, I did that in traditional first and then in digital (it can be explain/show on the showreel).

Knowing that the showreel was to show the best we can do, I couldn’t afford to add any of the concepts that I had done for any of the projects, so I just added the drawing in the end of it.

Also with the knowledge that it was a small of posibility that there (in the exhibition) were any kind of industry person looking for someone to work with them, it was too risky and too inappropriate to add more of that.

In the end, I want to believe that it went all good, the semester did end well, I did realise everything that I was told and manege to get it all in time and how it was required as the brief said. Also, learning and getting the knowledge necessary to no made the same mistakes in the future. Because, honestly has to been say, and I did some mistakes, mistakes that I had to work with those, fix them and learn with as any aspect in life.

Week 6: 04/07-10/07

Aftermath project presentation week, with all the assets ready to go since the last week, it wasn’t much that I can do, but we were all together working together sharing points of view and everything to have the project finish in time for the presentation, we were working in polishing the layout, giving solutions for whatever need to be fix before it turns to be a one man job.
Because it wasn’t necessary all of our heads to finish the lights or triggers or effects on it. We did planned how to finish it decided how it’s going to be done by the time of the presentation.

After that was all set, for me it was not more to do, I had done all the required tasks assigned for me and a bit more. So, it was the time to focus on my cross discipline project. For that reason I spent most of my time working on those assets. I started with the calm door, unwrapped and texture it to then do the main bed (the big one).

For the clam door with just the colour for it as reference, I decided to do model a simple door based of a reference for the sad sad but without the cracks or anything that indicates sadness that it could basically add on the texture. Anyway, I did the door following the scale sizes in cm as we agreed.

For the beds, I did started in a similar way as for the door but without any reference I have to be create and I used my own bed size for the size of the bed and made it a bit bigger or better say, bigger enough to be the main bed as I was required to do, a parents bed.

And of course for the small bed as I said before I duplicate it and then edited it to have the correct small size as they had required.

In general, making those assets were a bit of fun with logic. Agreeing that the assets were going to be in cm, help me to have an idea of how big they want their assets considering the fact that the size have to be a real life size.

So, in conclusion I did a calm door with a frame and for that I did 2 textures, 2 beds with their respective frames and also 2 textures, though one of them doesn’t look complicate, it fix perfectly to the assets because of the well done unwrap process.

Once I was done, I was going to ask if someone need to help or it was something else I can do, but because I was tired of working with it and rushing with the time, I didn’t ask. Days later I saw everyone had done their assets in time for the game project. Although, I did finish my assets unwrapped by the day of their presentation and their textures on one day after, without a problem because the games students said it was alright.